Spesialnummer på engelsk av W Drodze, polsk tidsskrift, i anledning Verdensungdomsdagene

Dominikanerne i den polske provinsen har laget en utgave av sitt tidsskrift W drodze på engelsk, som de tilbyr gratis som en gave til alle pilgrimmer på vei til Polen og WYD.

De skriver:

On the Way to WYD

Besides the inspiring articles in this issue, which have been selected especially for the occasion, this English edition gives every reader the chance to learn about "W drodze": a major contribution of the Polish Province of the Dominican Order to the local Church. Our journal was founded in 1973, at a dark and difficult time for the Church in Poland. Now, each month, we sell about 8,000 paper copies and 1,000 electronic copies. We are pioneers of the free word in Poland, and disciples of the Word of God. 

As we prepare for WYD, we want to reach new readers in the ways most convenient for them. That is why, in addition to the printed version, a PDF version, a mobi version, and an epub version of this issue are all available for download free from WYD.wdrodze.pl. We wish you happy reading!

Erik Ross O.P.