Jesu Hjerte

Where did she come to know this honor of being fused into the blood of the Lamb as she was baptized in the power of that blood? In his open side, where she came to know the fire of divine charity.

This is what my Truth showed you, if you recall, when you asked him, "Why, gentle spotless Lamb, since you were dead when your side was opened, did you want your heart to be pierced and parted?"

He answered, "There were plenty of reasons, but I shall tell you one of the chief. My longing for humankind was infinite, but the actual deed of bearing pain and torment was finite and could never show all the love I had. This is why I wanted you to see my inmost heart, so that you would see that I loved you more than finite suffering could show...
"I showed you this in the opening up of my side. There you find my heart's secret and it shows you, more than any finite suffering could, how I love you. And I show you this without limit."

(Katarina av Siena: Dialogen 75, overs. Suzanne Noffke OP)